Next stop: Uganda…

The next stop is Kampala – Uganda on 10 March.


4 Responses to “Next stop: Uganda…”

  1. John Kirkwood Says:

    Last night the KICK POLIO OUT OF AFRICA ball had fellowship with the Rotarians of the Rotary Clubs of Jinja and Sourc.e of the Nile. The venue was at the Source of the Nile.
    PDG Henry Kyemba gave the ball to the R.D.C. (Resident District Commissioner) of Jinja to kick on the banks of the River Nile – giving a direct contact to Egypt – via the Sudan.
    Rotaractors and Interactors from around Jinja enjoyed the fellowship on the banks of the Nile.

  2. Muwonge J Says:

    Good job

    Viva la Rotary

  3. Muwonge J Says:

    Rotary at work.

  4. Frances Turley Says:

    Congratulations to all Rotarians throughout Africa, especially the senior leadership for the amazing publicity and awareness you are bringing to the eradication of polio. Yes we can and we will be at the table when the historic announcement is made that the world is free of polio. This was promised to the children of the world.

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