More on the “humanitarian ball” in Kenya

“It does not come anywhere near your valuable World Cup Trophy, neither is its trip in 22 Africa countries eliciting as many feelings as the recent World Cup Trophy Tour did. But to those who have been affected by polio, this ball means the world” writes Sammy Kitula in a superb article on the KPOA campaign in The Daily Nation on March 22. 

In the photograph is AG Linda Longhurst with the head boy of Joy Town Primary School for the handicapped in Thika, together with a number of members of staff.   “I would have been a professional footballer had I not contracted polio at an early age” noted Saddam Hussein Ali, the school’s captain.  

Mahmud Abdulla of the RC Naivasha brightened the day of the children at Mirera Primary School, the largest primary school in Kenya with approximately 3,500 children when he visited with the ball. The school benefits from the Free Primary Education fund program sponsored by the Kenya Government. The Rotary Club of Naivasha has many projects with the school including building of a 10,000L water tank, provision of reference books such as dictionaries, atlases, reading books, etc. This photograph is taken in front of an ablution block, one of 4 being built through matching grant funds.

Next stop – Ethiopia …


One Response to “More on the “humanitarian ball” in Kenya”

  1. Sandra Says:

    This Daily Nation article really captures the spirit of this amazing grassroots campaign.

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