Historic ball visits first Arabic country on the continent …

Above is the EPN logo in Arabic and below, a  colourful banner designed by Rotarians in Sudan to promote the powerful message behind this strategically important initiative – to End Polio Now and Kick Polio out of Africa once and for all.

The exciting three-day programme for the visit of the ball from March 25 – 27 includes the presentation of the ball to the Sudanese Health Minister at a press launch for 200 attendees; today – Friday March 26, the football will be the centrepiece of a premiership match in Khartoum between two of the biggest clubs in the country attended by thousands of fans before it continues its journey to South Sudan early Saturday morning.

Photographs and report to follow. A press release by Rotary International dated March 26 entitled Rotary volunteers in Sudan welcome football on its 22-country journey has been posted.

Readers following this blog can also link to the KPOA social media release at http://pitch.pe/52316 by Sandra Prufer, RI’s Africa Media Relations Specialist,  which provides an excellent comprehensive overview of the KPOA project to date. Take a look.


One Response to “Historic ball visits first Arabic country on the continent …”

  1. Ashok Says:

    We could now include the arabic EPN logo now. When do we see the EN FINIR AVEC LA POLIO LOGO?

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