KPOA campaign on track – 9 countries down… 13 to go!

There is a traditional quote from the soil and soul of Africa: “If you want to journey fast, journey alone; If you want to journey far, journey with a friend”.

The four-month journey of this soccer ball through 22 polio-affected countries – from the tip of Africa to Alexandria – is far and we’re doing it with friends, the Family of Rotary and our global partners in the polio eradication initiative – WHO, UNICEF and CDC.

The ball has been travelling since February, 23 – for 43 days to be exact and has passed through nine countries. We have clearly faced some challenges along the way, but we are on track and hope to make a grand exit through Egypt before the ball heads for the RI Convention in Montreal in June.

Incredibly successful awareness events to mobilise the public for mass immunisation rounds this spring have been held as the ball has made its way through Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and the Central African Republic. The ball is currently in Cameroon.

In early March, a total of 19 countries in West and Central Africa participated in synchronised national immunisation activities, targeting 85 million children under the age of five. The Kick Polio Out of Africa and EndPolioNow Events calendar has now been updated and posted for information. The next exciting event is the Walk for Polio at the National Stadium in Abuja, Nigeria on April, 13.

To all those who have participated in the KPOA campaign thus far to make it such a success, a million thanks. To those who are preparing to come aboard on our next 13 stops – the best of luck with all your activities.

A 21 gun salute to DHL Express for keeping their eye closely on the ball! Well done.


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