The Rotary Foundation’s Africa Regional PolioPlus Committee supports KPOA event in Douala, Cameroun …

The visit of the KPOA soccer ball to Douala, Cameroun on Thursday, April 8 dovetailed well with a meeting of the representatives of The Rotary Foundation’s Africa Regional PolioPlus Committee (ARPPC).

Attending were representatives from Democratic Republic of Congo, Benin, Cameroun, Ethiopia, Cote D’Ivoire, and Nigeria, the National PolioPlus Committee chair from Chad, The Rotary Foundation’s PolioPlus Division Manager from Evanston, local Rotarians, Rotaractors and media. They all gathered together to attend and support the KPOA event at Hotel Sawa in Douala, Cameroun. 

Above From L-R: ARPPC member and National PolioPlus Committee Chair Ethiopia – Nahu-Senaye Araya, Carol Pandak – Manager: Division PolioPlus,  Marie-Irene Richmond, National PolioPlus Committee chair -Cote D’Ivoire and member ARPPC, the Minister of Health, Jean Richard, Dr. Charlotte Faty-Ndiaye, WHO Representative – Cameroun, Ambroise Tshimbalanga Kasongo – ARPPC Chair and National PolioPlus Committee Chair -Democratic Republic of Congo, Busuyi Onabolu, National PolioPlus committee Chair, Nigeria and ARPPC member, andAhmat Ali Hisseine, National PolioPlus Committee Chair – Chad.

Holding the ball proudly is PDG Jean Richard Bieleu, National Polio-Plus Committee Chair, Cameroun and Africa Regional PolioPlus Committee Member and ARPPC member.

There was great festivity as the ball arrived at Hotel Sawa accompanied by local traditional dancers and music.  The ball was received by PDG Jean Richard Bieleu.  The event was attended by three Ministers, including the Minister of Health and Minister of Communications, and representatives from WHO and UNICEF. A most enjoyable reception for attendees followed.


The Minister of Health signs the ball under the watchful eye of NPPC Chair Jean Richard Bieleu.

Below: Members of the African Regional Polio-Plus Committee with DHL.

After the media event, a colourful caravan of DHL vehicles, taxis, motorbikes, and a vehicle displaying the End Polio Now logo wended its way through town.

An enthusiastic participant haled constantly through a loud speaker from one of the vehicles –

‘End Polio Now’ in Africa and Cameroun!  The message was loud and clear!

The activities concluded with a soccer game between two local teams photographed below with representatives of The Rotary Foundation’s Africa Regional PolioPlus Committee (ARPPC).

Adding a lighter moment, Carol Pandak: PolioPlus Manager Evanston and Marie-Irene Richmond had fun with the ceremonial ball, to the amusement of Ashock Mirchandani.

Next stop: Abuja, Nigeria


2 Responses to “The Rotary Foundation’s Africa Regional PolioPlus Committee supports KPOA event in Douala, Cameroun …”

  1. Yusuf Wakili Yola Says:

    Well, football is the global things but Nigeria among others African countries carry the largest number of the polio cases and Kano state is one the states with cases, but we are happy we spend 18 month with out type ONE and 8 months with out type THREE.

    But this is not the problem since we have still a high risk areas and due poverty level in the country people most accept to give out their children if they will get PLUS which is not forth coming most of the local governments show I dont care attitudes.

    Pls come down let go down to the rural areas to mobilized communities to accepts instead of football.

  2. Jo Maxwell Says:

    This is an amzing journey and if every country takes this seriously, we might just Kick Polio out of Africa and any other country where polio still exists. Fine words and photographic opportunities MUST also result in serious action.

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