Kick Polio Out of Africa from BibAlex, Alexandria on June 12, 2010

If you are travelling out of Africa to the RI Convention in Montreal, make sure to go via Cairo from June 10 – 12  to witness the historic exit of the KPOA soccer ball from the continent of Africa at amazing events planned in both Cairo and Alexandria.  

Bibliotek Alexandria (BibAlex) above, is the venue for the final event. The dome has an uncanny resemblance to a soccer ball. We are told that the “Eye of Horus” will be observing acivities.

Coordinator of these final events, which come with considerable responsibility,  is Ayoub Ayoub who advises that he “has already assembled and met with the active Bibliotheca Alexandrina team. They will cooperate with me to get the job done as best as we can”.  As the EPN lighting coordinator in Cairo and incoming public image resource group zone coordinator, Ayoub has the skills and experience to facilitate the coordination of these events.

Above: IPDG Assem, A.Razek,  Dr.Halim, Dr.Layla,(BibAlex), M.Mohsen (R) and myslef met to hammer out the details of June 12, 2010 KICK POLIO OUT OF AFRICA event from BibAlex. “I am sure that it will be the culmination of this year’s EPN Public Image campaign in this part of the world, highlighting RI’s vital role in polio eradcation”. We wish them luck.


One Response to “Kick Polio Out of Africa from BibAlex, Alexandria on June 12, 2010”

  1. Yasin Nur Says:

    Yes..! Yopu did.

    Thanks to Rotary.

    Will be in Alex, for the final kick.

    Greetingd from Cairo

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