Touchdown of football in Ghana boosts next massive immunisation rounds in 19 West and Central African countries

After passing the half-way mark of its journey in Benin,  the ball will be presented to the health and sports ministers and to football fans in Accra, 22-25 April, to mobilize the public for the next massive immunization rounds on 24-27 April targeting 85 million children in 19 West and Central African countries. Former UN General Secretary Kofi Annan, who has recorded PSAs in support of the West African immunization campaign, is tentatively scheduled to attend the ceremony.

As countries across West and Central Africa prepare for cross-border synchronized campaigns it is important to note that as of 13 April, Nigeria – the epicentre of polio in Africa – reported only one case of polio in 2010, compared to 171 at the same time last year. Progress to date was partly because of technical improvements, but also because of firm support from the political and religious leaders of Northern Nigeria. This is a remarkable achievement.

Watch the videos below to see how Polio immunization impacts Africa:

Another collection of Polio related videos on Worldnews:


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