One-of-a-kind football lands in Togo …

After leaving Benin the ball travelled to Lomé – the capital and largest city of Togo – located on the Gulf of Guinea. Lomé is the country’s administrative and industrial center and its chief port.

On April 20 the footbball was delivered into the safe hands of NPPC Chair Germain Tomegah who made the most of its early arrival to present the ball to the Rotary Club of Lomé , where four Presidents had gathered to receive this historic one-of-a-kind ball.

At an impressive ceremony on April 21 held at the Offices of the Senior Minister, Minister of Health – in presence of partners and Cadres – Minister Mr Komlan Malley (below) signed the ball under the watchful eye of NPPC Chair Germain Tomegah.

The Minister declared his Government’s engagement to Kick Polio out of Togo, and Africa with the help of his Department and the invaluable support of the Partners in the initiative. He recalled the efforts of his Government to translate the engagement in the past by organising multiple NIDs and called on the population to ensure that each child was vaccinated in the NIDs that were to start in a few days.

NPPC Chair Germain Tomegah retraced the role of Rotary and reiterated the priority commitment of Rotarians to End Polio Now and forever with the help of its global partners.

Above: No child ever again … At a primary school in Togo these children raise their hands in a gesture of enthusiastic support to “Kick Polio Out of Africa” and the world. When polio is eradicated, no child anywhere, ever gain, will suffer polio’s cruel effects.

With 10 polio-affected countries still to go on its epic trans-Africa journey, the football has taken on a new allure as the black spaces are being used for the signing.

Next stop: Accra – Ghana.


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