Minister of Health provides strong support to eradicate polio in Burkina Faso and Africa!

“We hope that by joining our forces, we can eliminate polio from Africa”. This positive and supportive comment was written by the Minister of Health of Burkina Faso, Seydou Bouda, in the KPOA book after signing the football on Monday, May 3.  At the same time the Minister flagged the date of the important NID to commence in Burkino Faso on May 5. As of 21 April 2010, no new cases had been reported as compared to 15 cases of polio this time last year.

It was a proud moment for District Governor Simon Kafondo of D9100 (below) when he signed the football at the closing ceremony of the Rotary District Conference 9100 in Ouagadougou. The football was brought in ceremoniously to the Convention hall and presented to the Presidium.    The same ceremony was done at the gala dinner that night, where many who had missed the closing session, were present in a packed hall!

Jumping with jubilation at the thought of eradicating polio (Left) PDG Francois Amorin, DG Simon Kafondo RI Representative Jean Claude Hoareau and DGE Fattal celebrate the journey of the symbolic ball.

Below: Keeping an eye on the ball at the Gala Dinner …

National PolioPlus Committee Chairs provide valuable support coordinating events at grassroots level, with DHL providing efficient back up moving the ball in and out of each country.

Left:  NPPC Chair Ousmana Ouedrago receives the ball from DHL on arrival.


Next stop:  Monrovia, Liberia …


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