Polio eradication unites African countries … We will win!

This was the message conveyed by The Minister of Health and Prevention, Mr Modou Daigne Fada of Senegal, when he received the Rotarian delegation warmly and generously, at his office, along with his Cadres in the afternoon of May 26, and duly signed the ball. He also invited Rotarians to push to make a declaration that “African children must have the power to walk and run fast”. He invited Rotarians to take this stand loud and clear to catch up on time lost.
Assistant Governor Aristide Tino Adédiran (seated to the left of The Minister) who coordinated events to cover the unscheduled visit of the ball in Senegal ahead of the imminent NIDs writes:  “Rotarians received the ball with great pleasure and enthusiasm symbolizing their engagement to Kick Polio out of the World!”

Hotel Pulman Terangta was the venue (from 18:30 – 20:00) for a strategically important press conference, under the watchful eye of the Minister of Health and Prevention. Two TV channels and 3 FM Radio Stations were present. Rotarians had the opportunity to make a statement regarding the polio initiative, reinforcing polio eradication as Rotary’s #1 goal in its strategic plan. A world without polio. This goal that is very much realizable with infallibable mobilization. it is our promise to the children of the world.

After verifying the ball  as the original (the Minister, being a keen sportsman himself, wanted to keep the ball) it was “Bon Voyage”.  Rotarians shared their wish that the FIFA 2010 World Soccer  is won by an Africa team …

Next stop: Mauritania …


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