Minister of Health signs football in Mauritania …

This weekend sees the start of important NIDs, especially in West Africa from May 29 to June 1,2010. The ball was received by Mauritanian Rotarians on May 28  and the signing ceremony was coupled with the NID flagoff, as planned.

A highlight was when the football was taken on a visit to a kindergarten school where children (2 – 5 years of age) were shown the important link between getting vaccinated and playing football. This made a deep impression on the children…

To understand the joy and appreciation of healthy limbs!

The  flagoffff took place at Ryadh in Nouakchott, by the Minister of Health, Dr Cheik Ould Horma Babana, along with the Representatives of WHO, UNICEF, Rotary International and other strategic partners. Below – presenting the ball to Partners and all the stakeholders during the NID flagoff.

The ceremony was in two stages. The children were first administered monovalent vaccines by the Minister and the dignitaries present.

Above: The Minister of Health (Centre) Dr Cheik Ould Horma Babana gives the drops, assisted by a Doctor and Who Representative Dr Cisse.

The KPOA ball was then signed by the Minister of Health (below) and presented to all in the presence of dignitaries with the KPOA banner as the ideal backdrop. The NID started with 1740 teams deployed in the 53 districts to immunise children under 5 years of age. Independent monitoring, now a part of the campaign to improve the quality of NIDs , has already started.

 Mr hristian koog, UNICEF Representative also lends a hand to administer the drops..
A footballmatch did take place under the auspices of the National Football Federation, but due to logistical reasons, the ball could unfortunately not be presented.
The ball is on its way  to Mali…

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