Rotaractors rally support to sign virtual ball …


Keen to lend support  were enthusiastic Rotaractors who set up a booth this weekend at City Stars Grand Mall Centre, Nasr City in Cairo to promote the campaign and to encourage members of the community to SIGN NOW. The booth, manned by Morad Ezzat and May Wassfy, prepared this eye catching KPOA poster. “They are giving a good hand in every respect” writes Ayoub Ayoub – KPOA coordinator in the build up to the grand finale event in Alexandria on June 12. Below – enthusiastic Rotaractors from the Rotaract Club of Heliopolis in action.

Many of the guests at the signing ceremony of Mega Project 2010/11 (District 2450) held on June 4 in Cairo added their names to the Kick Polio Out of Africa SIGN NOW campaign of the virtual ball. Guests included the District Governor – Nijad Alatassi, Minister of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs – Dr Mufid Shehab, PDG Monir Sabet, Dr Raafat Radwan-President of Literacy Org. and many Rotarians and guests from Cairo and Alexandria. Some of the guests who appreciated the noble goals of KPOA wanted to join Rotary!


Jason Blackman of DHL who has been coordinating the movement of the ball this past weekend, advises that “the pilot is carrying the ball for us into Lagos. My Lagos team is on stand by to hand carry to Abuja to meet the 16:0 deadline today for the next signing”. Great teamwork – thanks DHL!


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