President of Chad delays departure to sign football in Chad

President Idris Deby delayed the departure of his foreign tour to sign so that Chad would not be left out of the historic journey that would Kick Polio Out of Africa via the symbolism of the ball. What a magnanimous gesture!

A delegation of Rotarians and Technical partners had waited patiently at the N’Djamena Airport on Wednesday, June 9, together with KPOA coordinator NPPC Chair Ali Hissene (the most worried of the lot), for the arrival of the Magic ball. Ali Hissene’s brief – to get the President to fully commit himself to all activities related to the signing of the ball and the eradication of Polio in Chad – was a challenge! The ball finally arrived and was rushed to the Presidential Palace.

Presidential senior staff, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Health, Rotarians, WHO, UNICEF and UNFPA heads present were all amazed at the short speech given by President Idris Deby, in which he reiterated his commitment to engage in the war against Polio. (The President  has committed 4 Billion CFA Francs (8 million $) towards polio eradication in Chad.)

President Idris Deby declared that he and his country would ensure that Polio is kicked out, and that he would personally spearhead every NID in Chad.  The ball, displayed majestically in the room, was signed by the President in an emotion-filled ceremony and shown on National and International Television that evening.

While thanking Rotary International and the Rotary Foundation for all the efforts and commitment towards eradicating this dreaded virus, The President expressed hope that Rotary would help until the very end, as it had promised to do. This was of extreme importance to the members of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, as Chad was now showing signs of picking up where Nigeria left off, as an exporter of the virus.

The President of the Rotary Club – Moussa Mouhammet – recognized President Idris Deby as a Paul Harris Fellow, thanking him for his positive acts in favour of the Children, and his decisive instructions to all the actors in the State concerning his preoccupation regarding Polio. The Paul Harris Fellow recognition was pinned on by Past District Governor Athanase Poulopolos, who also attended the ceremony along with his fellow Rotarians. In accepting President Deby declared that he was dedicating the recognition to all the victims of Polio in his Country, stating that no child should ever suffer from this crippling disease.

He then invited the group to take a “family photo”  before rushing off to the airport. The Rotary delegation also left shortly afterwards to give the ball to DHL for onward delivery to Egypt.

Chad marks the end of the journey of the ball through the 22 (now 23) polio-affected countries. The remakable journey of this ball has captured the attention of Rotarians around the world symbolising Rotary’s global commitment to eradicate polio. More importantly, the campaign has united countries in Africa to coninue its fight to eradicate this deadly disease.

The Grand Finale is on Saturday, June 12, in Bibliotheca Alexandria.


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