About the campaign

This blog is the home of Kick Polio Out of Africa, an awareness campaign which will be launched on February 23, 2010 with the iconic landmark lighting event at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town at the tip of Africa. This initiative, driven in the first instance by the Reach Out to Africa (ROTA) committee, will commence with a symbolic “kick off” of a soccer ball from South Africa and travel through the 22 Polio-affected countries in Africa, finally traveling to the RI Convention in Montreal.


4 Responses to “About the campaign”

  1. Janey Says:

    So good to see this project on the go and to be part of the Rotary World. Thanks to all at ROTA for making this happen.

  2. Wanjiru - RC Naivasha Says:

    It was great to feel the ball on its visit to Nairobi, Kenya!

    Great initiative!

    Thanks you to WHO, Rotary International, The Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation and all donors/supporters!

  3. Caroline Nderitu - RC Hurlingham Says:

    Let us shrink and diminish Polio
    To an assertive irrevocable zero
    Let’s show polio who’s the hero

    Let us reach out and rescue
    Those who fall in polio’s queue
    They are prey, and have no clue

    Kick polio out and leave no trace
    Wipe it clean of our face
    In Africa, polio has no place!

    -for EndPolioNow Team Kenya

  4. David Mpambane Says:

    Keep me posted.

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