Where the ball travels

After the Kick Off in Cape Town, South Africa, the symbolic soccer ball will travel through 22 Polio affected countries in Africa.

A detailed schedule can be downloaded here:

Soccer Ball Route & Time frame 23.04.2010 UPDATED


The South African Department of Health posted this ad supporting the campaign. Also refer to this ad for a detailed schedule of NIDs in South Africa (click to enlarge):


5 Responses to “Where the ball travels”

  1. yasin Says:

    What are the avctivities that will be done during the visit of the soccer ball in each country.

  2. JM Says:

    Where in Nairobi will the ball be? We (various rotary clubs in Nairobi) are looking to have a polio walk and it would be great to try and do something with you.

  3. Hazel price Says:

    As apracticing general nurse(RGN) I would be willing to volunter help with this program.Please forward me details.

  4. Wanjiru - RC Naivasha Says:

    Dear JM, contact the Country Chair – Kenya.

    The ball is in Nairobi already!


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