Inspired, Rotary staff support KPOA campaign …

As the KPOA ball traveled through 23 countries in four months, it gained incredible support, touching the lives of many with a positive tangible energy, uniting and strengthening the resolve of governments and communities to eradicate polio. But the positive impact of this ball was also felt by those who followed this blog.


The incredible support by the staff of Rotary International to hold a Rotary Kick Polio 5×5 soccer tournament fund-raiser on 29 September at St James Park has, in turn, inspired and energized our KPOA team to finish the job. Failure is not an option!

Above:  Participants trying to find Desmund Tutu’s signature on the soccer ball.

Mary-Beth Johnson, the coordinator of the event writes: “Your continuous efforts and the work done by your KPOA team, particularly during the months leading up to the world cup, have inspired the idea to host a soccer tournament at Rotary headquarters. I followed the blog almost daily and was so impressed by the stories that were posted. As I introduced more colleagues to the tournament idea, they too were as equally excited and they shared the KPOA link and the blog with their colleagues and friends, encouraging them to “sign” the ball (that was such a brilliant website!). It’s been wonderful to see so many staff come together for this – also to have the support of their families and friends.   

Congratulations to Rotary’s very own Hans Guerrier, who led his team, to the championship title. Nice work, “Team Liberia”.  As a result of individual and team donations, Mary-Beth and her colleagues were able to raise a total of US$1,541! This contribution will support Rotary’s work to achieve a polio-free world. 

On behalf of us all, a million thanks. Yours is a shining example of what small groups of committed, passionate people can do to raise funds to eradicate polio, especially now in the run up to World Polio Day on 24 October.

Well done!



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