Waging war on polio in Angola …

Angola’s outbreak is currently the only expanding outbreak in Africa and, coupled with ongoing transmission of WPV in DR Congo, is putting at risk the achievement of a key global milestone of the new Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) Strategic Plan 2010-2012, to stop all re-established transmission by end-2010.

Because of polio’s mobility, it is a big wake up call for Southern Africa.

 “The campaign was opened by the Minister of Health – Dr Jose Vandunem (photographed above) on 1 October, where – in a symbolic act – admnistered drops to several children, officially launching the immunisation campaign in Angola which ran from 1 – 3 October, 2010.”

President Arlete de Sousa (front) and her team … ready to go!

Rotarians in Angola are committed to winning the war against polio. They have fought long and hard to combat this dreaded disease. PP Manuel de Sousa who has been heavily involved with NIDs for many years in Angola writes: “This last polio immunisation campaign – to me – had a lot more social engagement of the Angolan people, mainly because the community is now acutely aware that Angola is the country that has been most affected, having regressed in relation to countries that were considered worse off before, but have now considerably improved their situation. Organizations such as the Army, the Catholic Organizations (the Scouts and Mary’s Legion), Students and others from all level of the Civil Society have been involved on these NIDs”.

Florinda Carneiro, the Elect President 2011/12 of the Rotary Club of Luanda administers the vital drops ...

The finger ... proof that another child is protected from the deadly polio virus

According to the latest World Health Organisation weekly update of 29 September, Angola had the highest number of WPV1 cases (24) in Africa – Luanda and the North-Eastern part of Angola being the most affected areas. A new case, still confirmed, was notified in the northern-eastern town of Saurimo.

The next NIDs are scheduled for the end of October.    

“Rotarians of Angola (there are  two new Rotary clubs in the pipe line) will continue to be involved in NIDs in Lobito and in Benguela areas, and here in Luanda. Also in several other areas, assisting the Health Authorities in this giant effort to “Kick the Polio out of Africa”…says PP Manuel de Sousa.

Well done! Keep up the good work. (Editor)


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